Monday, April 5, 2010

A Truly Sad Day!

Tricia told me that one of the black kitties in our neighborhood was hit by a car and she was lying on the ground lifeless. This is the second kitty run over by a car within the last couple years. On top of that, I personally saw another one tumble under a minivan. It sucked to watch everything happen before my eyes and not being able to help. Luckily enough, this kitty run away fine after she rolled under the van many times. Who to blame: the irresponsible owners who let their cats out where busy streets are located nearby or the drivers who don’t pay any attention to their surroundings while driving. By the way, these two kitties were killed by a 4-way stop sign where the speed limit is 25mph!

I even caught a doggie twice running around by our house. He dug himself out of his owner’s backyard and escaped. He was lucky because I caught him before anything bad happened to him.

Over the years, Katja has been visited by a variety of cats many times. It’s really heart breaking to see any pets run over by cars.

Rest in peace little black kitty!


Sasha peed on my car key. How do I clean this thing without destroying the electronics?