Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Elephant in the Living Room

Last night, I watched a movie called "The Elephant in the Living Room". It pisses me off so bad when I see these people who have no respect for animal life and dignity. This stupid human being gets two lion cubs, locks them up in a horse trailer for 4 years, and lets them breed. The male lion who is one of the most gorgeous animals I have ever seen escapes. Luckily, they get him back before he gets shot! Out of the 4 cubs, one dies the next day. They live in this most humiliating, and unhealthy environment ever. Moreover, the owner videotapes instead of helping while the male lion gets electrocuted for 15 agonizing minutes because of a nearby freezer's cable. He howls for minutes and finally gives up and lays down on this mud covered floor. The cubs and the female watches all this tragedy unfold. The King falls in this pathetic cage because of some stupid ignorant man. This man literally waits until a tragedy strikes before realizing what kind of situation he put himself into. Finally, one of the rescue officers convinces him to seek help. Sophie, one of the cutest cubs ever dies right before they are rescued at the age of 11 months.

I f***g take days off from my work whenever we have a new litter. We literally watch them 72 hours none stop to make sure our kittens survive. It is the most nerve wrecking experience to watch them born and wonder if they are ever going to survive. People like this make me sick! It sucks to know that people like this even exists. They have no respect to meaning of life. Everything is all about "them".

The movie even shows these exotic animal fairs, where you can buy all sorts of animals from "2 week old" pumas to hyenas. A two week old puma needs her/his mom. I am really pissed and there is no word to describe it.

Now they live like they should in Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.

(From their website)

Lacie, Tabitha & Sampson: Private Owner Surrender – These three African lions were rescued by the Sanctuary after the mother (Lacie) and an adult male were discovered living in a horse trailer in Ohio. The adult male lion and Lacie (an adult female) had been kept in the horse trailer for years, and their owner had not prevented them from breeding – so Lacie gave birth to 3 cubs while still living in the horse trailer. An Ohio animal welfare agency stepped in at this point to move the lions into an outside cage in order to help protect the cubs, but the adult male, and one of the cubs ended up dying anyway – so the Sanctuary came to rescue the remaining three (Lacie, Tabitha & Sampson).

I decided to donate couple thousands bucks to this organization. Even our vet bills are like car payments so I cannot imagine the cost of taking care of animals varying from Lions, Leopards, to Grizzly Bears among others.

Just wanted to share...