Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a journey!

It feels like yesterday. We were thinking if Lapa could give birth on a weekend, but nooo! She had to pick a Monday evening.

So, we started our parenting duties. She gave birth one buy one, and cleaned them up. It's really amazing yet quite stressful to see this happen. The question in the back of our mind is whether they will all make it. The little things went right into nursing. We had to do our 72 hours non-stop guarding just to make sure things were okey. Of course, after the first 72 hours, then there is the first week.

Look at them know. All of our little kids are growing. They are full of energy and joy.

I don't care whoever says the opposite, this is the best way to relax. Grab all of them, put them on your lap, pet them and hear them purr. This is the best remedy for stress. You had a bad day at work or something bothers you, grab one of them and relax.

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